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Eagle Auto Detail uses an electric power washer to first remove any dirt and debris from your car.  From there, your car will be sprayed with a foam cannon, hand washed with a micro-fiber mitt, rinsed and hand dried with soft micro-fiber towels all the while providing the maximum possible protection for your cars paint.  We do our absolute best to prevent scratch and swirl marks from appearing on your cars paint because we know how important your car is to you and the investment you have in your vehicle.

Eagle Auto Detail also prides itself in using a low decibel generator for the use of the European Steamer, the vacuuming of your vehicle and any of our other detailing tools that require an electric source.

KEY NOTE!!  Even though we are a mobile detailing service we do not travel with any water on board our vehicle so it will be necessary to have a water source at the location where you want your detail performed.  We recognize this may be an inconvenience, however, we have found that in more than 90% of our details, water is available at the source allowing us to better serve you in our other specialized detail services.

At Eagle Auto Detail a Three Bucket Car Wash System is used where most use two.  

Why Three?

The Two Bucket Car Wash System, which is used by most detailers, uses one bucket for soaping the vehicle and the other bucket is to rinse.  Both buckets use a grit guard so that dirt, grime, and particles are rinsed away and held below the grit guard.  This prevents these items going back onto the car causing potential spider marks or worse deep scratches.  At Eagle Auto Detail  we have enhanced this practice by adding a third bucket that is strictly used for the wheels and tires.  By doing this it ensures that none of the potentially harmful articles from the wheels and tires will get up onto the paint.  This by no means is exclusive to

Eagle Auto Detail, however most detailers do not use the Three Bucket Car Wash System.  We are proud to use this system to once again set ourselves apart from other auto detail services in the Tampa area.

Welcome to Eagle Auto Detail, a mobile auto detail service based in the Greater Tampa area that comes to your home or office.  We offer specialized services in addition to interior and exterior detailing services.  My passion for cars and attention to detail provide for a truly professional result.  I have been professionally trained in the art of auto detail.  This, coupled with my outstanding customer service background, will provide you and your car with the best possible care and respect.  I build relationships; so if you are looking for quality that's guaranteed, along with simply being treated with the utmost respect, then give Eagle Auto Detail a try.  I look forward to meeting you and your car.  

See you soon..............Stan 

Specialized  Services



A auto detail service is more than just a car wash.  You will see the value in the quality of workmanship and professional knowledge our team brings to your doorstep.

Headlight Restoration, Glass Chip Repair, Ding Repair, Paint Chip and Scratch Repair, Concrete on Paint Removal, are just a few of the specialized services we provide.

I believe in treating our customers fairly because I want your business now, and far into the future.  I work hard to establish relationships that will last for years to come.

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